8 Things To See And Do In Rio De Janiero

8 Things To See And Do In Rio De Janiero

Do Carnival –  Is there any better place to celebrate Carnival than Rio?  Carnival is a worldwide celebration that demarks the beginning of Lent, a season of abstaining and fasting in the Catholic faith. While there are Carnival celebrations all over the world, Rio holds the title as the most famous. As they say in Fast and Furious, “THIS IS BRASIL” and people come from all four corners of the world to dance, eat, and party for days. If you plan on scratching this off your bucket list, be prepared to book months in advance and pay a premium for everything.

Christ the Redeemer – This statue of Jesus Christ has been immortalized in films, artwork, photography and more. Standing at a larger than life 100 feet high, it sits atop the Corcovado mountain and is a major landmark in Rio. Listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the World it is easily visible from any location in the city.

Life’s a Beach and in Rio it’s a beautiful one – Famously referenced in the Sergio Mendes hit, Ipanema Beach is one of the largest beaches in Rio and famous for its variety of nightlife and upscale restaurants. The other, Copacabana, the beach not the club, is great for daytime activities and sunbathing. Both beaches are famous for their stunningly beautiful residents, who have no qualms about flaunting.

Take in the view on Sugarloaf Mountain – This mountain is one of Rio’s most famous tourist attractions. At its peak of 1,300 feet, you can see the entire city of Rio sprawled out beneath you With breathtaking views of Ipanema as well as Guanabara Bay, the ideal time to get here is for a beautiful sunset or serene sunrise, charge your camera, you will want plenty of shots of this view.

Maracaná Stadium – Everyone knows soccer rules the Latin world and nobody does it bigger than Rio. Maracaná Stadium is one of the largest worldwide. With a capacity of over 100,000 people, it is truly a massive structure. It is most famous for the 1950 World Cup in which Uruguay beat Brazil. It is a tender spot for Brazilians still, so don’t show up sporting an Uruguay jersey.

Everybody Samba! – You can’t walk two blocks in Rio without hearing that iconic Samba beat or see people dance it in the streets. Whether it is during Carnival or just a local park, Samba music dominates this city. If you want to join, you can always take in a lesson in the city, but a better way to learn is to let a local in a bar or lounge show you.

The Botanical Gardens – When you are ready to unwind and take things a bit slower. Take an excursion to the famous Botanical Gardens of Rio. Take one of the free guided tours through the gardens or walk at your pace along the winding paths and nature trails. One notable attraction is the carnivorous plants greenhouse. This greenhouse, filled with huge Venus Flytraps and Pitcher plants, just keep your hands to yourself, or you might get to see Rio’s busy ER.

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