How to Get to Rio 2016 Olympics

How to Get to Rio 2016 Olympics

This year the summer Olympic Games will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. If you want to watch the games in Rio rather than from your couch at home, you will need to plan accordingly. There are several things you will need to take care including tickets, flights, travel documentation, and hotel accommodations. Here are 4 tips from our travel experts to help you plan out your trip to Rio 2016.

How to Get Tickets

You can’t just get tickets anywhere. As a matter of fact, each country only has one designated agency through which you must purchase your tickets. In the United States, the ticketing agency is CoSport. You will need to create an account with them and search for available tickets. By this time, there may not be a wide selection of tickets available as the games are less than a few weeks away. Checking out CoSport is still worth a shot, and you can also look for tickets on sites like eBay and Craigslist.

Planning Your Flight to Rio 2016

After securing tickets, you will want to book your flight as soon as possible. Finding a flight to Rio should not be difficult at al. Multiple airlines in the States offer routes to the city. Search around several different airlines to secure the best fare. Another thing to keep in mind is that some days will be more expensive than others. A few days before the opening ceremony and after the closing ceremony is when prices will be at their highest. To save some money, schedule a flight after the games have already started and stick around a few days longer after the closing ceremony.

About Travel Documentation

Under normal circumstances, American visitors would need a Brazil visa to travel to Rio. However, due to the Olympic Games the government has decided to waive that requirement for a few select countries. The United States happens to be one of those countries so you will not need to obtain a Brazil visa. From June 1 to September 18, 2016, American travelers can get into Brazil visa free. You will, however, still need a passport.

Finding a Place to Stay

Hotel space is limited in Rio. Though, there is no need to worry. There are several other options available. Airbnb, an apartment sharing service, has been named as the official alternative lodging supplier. Searching through their inventory reveals multiple rooms available that can be had for several hundred dollars a night. Prices will most likely fluctuate as rooms fill up. You can also secure a room through CoSport, the same company that sells ticketing. With the games so close, you will want to secure a room as quickly as possible.

That wraps up our tips for traveling to Rio 2016. While you are in Rio, don’t forget to enjoy the culture and other attractions.  The beaches are especially noteworthy, and you wouldn’t want to miss them.

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