Amazon Travel Guide For The Adventurist

Amazon Travel Guide For The Adventurist

The Amazon, a magical place where millions of items are a click away and boxes arrive magically in as little as one day for all your…WAIT, sorry not THAT Amazon, all this travel has us jet lagged. We are talking about the lush basin in South America that is a mysterious and near mythical wonderland that is on every exotic travel bucket list. Iconized in blockbusters such as Raiders of The Lost Ark, The Rundown and Fast and The Furious, the Amazon is known for its thick, lush rain forest, exotic creatures, and, of course, dangerous ones such as piranhas. The Amazon River that defines the region contains more water than the sum of the next eight largest rivers. Amazon travel tours are more popular than ever, and people pay a hefty price to experience this exotic land. Whatever idyllic visions you have in your head right now of wild jaguars, encountering ancient Indian tribes, or finding some lost ancient artifact and being chased by the Nazis for it, forget about it. You are no more likely to see that by just going to the Amazon as you are to get caught up in the Mafia by visiting Kearney, NJ home of The Sopranos hangout, Satriales. No, the marvels of Amazon travel excursions are much more subtle but no less mind blowing.  The best place to begin your adventure is where else, but Brazil and that is what we focus on in this brief Amazon travel FAQ.

What Is The Optimal Time For Amazon Travel?

Unless you favor being cooked to death or water logged, the best time to visit the Amazon is between May and June.  With February to April being the rainy season and September to November being excruciatingly hot, travel from May to June is ideal. This is because the water levels in the river provide open waterways for river excursions, and the surrounding forest is flooded,so you can canoe through the forest as well. The combination of these conditions makes for some exciting sightseeing.

What Are The Best Amazon Travel Experiences?

The most common way people experience the Amazon is lodges set off a bit in the jungle. Most of these lodges offer private accommodations, family-style sits down meals and various daily excursions. You might want to keep in mind the rustic area you are in as in-room bathroom facilities and 24-hour a day electricity may not be available. The draw to these lodges is that some of them offer a chance to sleep in the forest among the wild, or go on interactive Survivor type hikes.

Amazon riverboat tours are another great way to see the Amazon. Most have on board quarters as trips last between five and ten days and stop for off boat excursions. All boats vary in the level of comfort they offer so do your homework before booking a trip.

Amazon offers excellent nature hikes, Tree climbing and other outdoor activities like sport fishing.  Many riverboat tours incorporate them into their excursions so you might be able to have a taste of both worlds.

How Long Should I Plan On Staying?

For most Amazon adventures, about two weeks is ideal. It factors in about three days travel to the Amazon for activities and excursions, and then enough time to get home and recuperate before work. Planning for this amount of time will also give a buffer for unforeseen delays, and give time to visit more than one part of the Amazon if you wish.

I’m Sold. What Is The First Step?

Of course, you will need to set up airfare which is the quickest way to get to your prized destination. Before you do that though, you MUST have your passports and travel visas in order. Don’t take chances contact Fast Passports And Visas right away to get your travel papers in order and BOA SORTE (Portuguese for good luck) in the Amazon!

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